I’m Cait Hayward, Director of Research & Analytics at the University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation, and co-founder of GradeCraft.

Here you’ll find all of my research to date, including selected talks. I’ve wanted a place to share longer-form writing as different research areas start to take shape and so am creating a blog section – expect this to be updated occasionally at best. And finally, to challenge myself to keep making art, I’ll be sharing a portfolio of my photography.

Interested in using GradeCraft? Awesome! Start at gradecraft.com to explore, and don’t hesitate to reach our support team at help@gradecraft.com.

Have feedback about GradeCraft? For interface details, bug reports, and new feature requests feel free to share at help@gradecraft. For more philosophical critiques about the future educational technology broadly, Rails specifically, or gameful musings, consider reaching out via the contact form to talk.